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April 26, 2007


Here's one...philosophers and historians http://dwarfurl.com/36a99b

The History of Flickr

Caterina Fake|Download MP3

Toby Redshaw of Motorola about wikis and blogs 2006-03-06

Length: 30:03, Size: 13.7MB Audio File URL: http://www.peapodcast.com/danbcast/TobyRedshaw-2006-03-06.mp3


The Dynamic Relationship Between an Entrepreneur and VC: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Lecture

Download MP3 audio

I'm going to immodestly suggest one by me from the LAMS conference at http://lams.edublogs.org/ there is a better one from Diana Laurillard there too.
Enjoy the trip!

Check out Ideas from CBC:

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