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June 13, 2007


I totally get what you're saying Mark, and you are so right about learning not being "something that we can package and sell or even give away".

And you are so right that an LMS doesn't manage learning. At best it tracks it, but even that's a dodgy claim. However, I think I'm looking at the word "environment" a little differently. To me an environment is "opportunities for learning" rather than learning itself (if you'll pardon the grammar). If you think of the environment in which a cheetah lives - it provides him with the opportunity to hunt, it isn't the hunting itself.

So to me, a learning environment, regardless of the letters before and after it, is the place where we are afforded opportunities to learn. This is why I think my life is my PLE. What is formally recorded about my learning by my employer or my university - that's another thing altogether.

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