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June 10, 2008


I really like what Mark has said, The new iphone Ad now targets college students, they have to create some learnig app too atleast encouraging those students to learn more not to distract more.


I hear you on the pricing but I'm still on board with it since I can see how production costs can be driven down while switching to a new network that gets you added benefits can cost more...the copy/paste thing is just baffling...do I just not know enough about programming to understand why this is so tough?


Mark, the price is good, but it's $30/mo for 3G unlimited data, vs 20 for Edge, extra $240 for the 2 years, kinda dulls the price advantage.

Still missing copy/paste (WTF?).

On the other hand, with 3G and GPS, tres' sweet. Wavering...

Craig - I saw that one and yes, you are correct, they crossed the finish line first - although I did say "successful" and I really meant 'when will we see some innovation in the learning/training marketspace take hold and crank out some stupendously cool apps?" ;-)


elearning software creator dominknow Inc., has just announced that with the latest version of it's LCMS instructional designers can kick-start iPhone courseware development. dominKnow’s Learning Content Management System 5.2 supports iPhone SDK beta 2, allowing for complete courseware delivery to Apple’s Safari mobile browser platform. Courseware administrators can also enable/disable a self-enrollment option for iPhone/iPod touch users.Pretty cool. Check it out at www.dominKnow.com

Actually, they did show the first learning app -- Modality Learning (http://www.modalitylearning.com) showed an app to help medical students study anatomy in the run up to the main iPhone announcement.

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