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June 11, 2008


Oh no! The "PR Hack" is not only human but is also named "Mark"! :-)

Mark, I certainly appreciate your response and I hope you understand my issue - I think you guys have an interesting product (and by 'interesting' I mean something that I couldn't build in a 1,000 years) and I'd probably write about it anyway - don't dampen that potential coverage with the idea that people did it "just for the shirt." If you have extra shirts, then giving them away would probably attract as much attention as asking for a blog post.

Seriously though...if I get one more t-shirt, my closet will explode. Thanks though.


You need not write anything *good* about Powerset; you need only write about Factz that you found via Powerset. I'd be happy to send you a t-shirt if you found some interesting Factz.

And I'm a product manager, not a PR hack. Well, maybe the line is a bit fuzzy =)

{mark} powerset product manager

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