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October 20, 2008


You're right. We're definitely aiming at the "professional tools for professionals" end of the spectrum and there are indeed different strokes for different folks. Hold tight for some announcements next Tue 28th October...


Hi and thanks for the comment! I really do you think you guys have done some stunning stuff with SlideRocket. I'm looking forward to all the new features. Any updates on your planned biz model?

I also think that you and the 280Slides folks can both exist in the same market. I speak a lot on 2.0 topics and I speak to people who are both cutting edge and folks who are a bit scared of all the 2.0 stuff. I think you guys clearly, right now are more suited to people toward the cutting edge...I know that people that I show stuff do who are on the other edge would be a bit more comfy with the look/feel of 280.

I think you guys cab be part of a rising tide and I think it'll come down to who feels more comfortable with what.

All that being said...keep up the great work and I look forward to being amazed again in the future!

Hi mark,

Thanks for covering us in the kewl shiny category, we love being there! I would add that SlideRocket also has an offline player to allow you to synchronize your presentations and take them with you or present offline... no to mention PowerPoint import, dynamic data linking from Google docs, collaboration, version control, Analytics, security, The SlideRocket Marketplace, web meetings, web sharing, invites, a library to manage your presentations and related assets, flexible templates and themes, motion backgrounds, native support for Flash animations and video, mp3 audio, ability to create and manage groups and user access rights, an extensible architecture for plugins, Flickr integration, charts, tables and a few more things coming soon that I can't mention just yet.... stay tuned.

Mark, thank you for this post on SlideRocket and 280Slides. I wasn't aware of either, and I will definitely be testing them out very soon. As you say, "kewl and shiny". :)

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