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December 05, 2008


Mark - Nice writeup. I'm filing this under "what is I/ITSEC actually good for?" -- a question I bat around every year when trying to figure out whether I got anything useful done.

I'd put developing/reinforcing high-value personal connections at the top of the list. I/ITSEC is a great venue for seeing new tech and learning what the vendors are doing, but the highest value comes from people. At my level (solutions), this primarily means developing relationships with our customers and the companies we partner with. I'm not a dealmaker, so I haven't seen that many honest-to-god deals go down, but I can say that a high proportion of the value-producing relationships in this job have originated, in one way or another, at I/ITSEC.

I can't let one thing pass, though -- you didn't blog or Tweet because there wasn't any wireless? Man, THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE AN IPHONE! Jeez... you are damaging my faith in the handheld office.

Nice summary of IITSEC. For the record, they had 17,800 (~18000) visitors this years which set an all time record. They also broke records for floors space sold and international attendees this year. All that in a very down year.

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