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February 12, 2009


I saw this pop up on Twitter again the other night. I know someone over there and have something funny to add: this organization recently announced one of its core values was... COLLABORATION!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

This is typical of the day-to-day "culture" there - very controlling with a high degree of paranoia. Bible Belt, need I say more?


Awesome! I'm gonna have to go in and find that page!

The whole site is surreal. There's page after page of information about hiring, staffing, recruiting, retaining, cultivating high performance yadayada about talent and attracting the best, then under staffing initiatives/building alliances/social there's a whole page on the dangers of social networking.

Make my day! Mark, this is surreal.

The strategy seems to have worked. There are virtually no postings at all. Why didn't they just call it "We don't really want you to discuss anything on our board"?

This inspired me to add a Mission, vision, policies, &c page to my blog.

It does have two useful links, like to 37signals, which has this note at each comment box: We'd rather not moderate, but off-topic, blatantly inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate or vapid comments may be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from commenting. Let's add value. Thank you.

And Language Log's comment policy is great just for its subheads: be brief, be relevant, be informed, be polite...and "read the post before commenting." It wouldn't take much to modify that for state-employee use.

This is awesome, Mark. My favorite from the list is "Do focus on your area of expertise." I can see where that one leads pretty quickly. And isn't that just a way to perpetuate homophily? Thanks for sharing, although I'm a little depressed because I think this may be an example that is more the rule than the exception.

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