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April 19, 2012


Well when it comes to research nothing beats computer to search some information in Google and wikepedia because wikepdia is an online encyclopedia.

Mark, just saw this (from another of my many open tabs from the eLearning Learning newsleter :)
on Pinterest...a USEFUL, out-of-the-box & eLearning-related application of the Pinterest platform by Karl Kapp: "Interesting links and ideas related to gamification." In support of his book "The Gamification of Learning and Instruction"
, http://pinterest.com/kkapp01/gamification-happenings/

I think later-adopters of Pinerest will prove it to be more than just for decorating and favorite shoes women have their eye on buying.

A bit of serendipity to discover your blog, today Mark! (through eLearning Learning, which I'm writing a blog post on now, when I'm not distracted by the content therein!) I, too, have a fish-eye lens approach to 'net and find myself with umpteen tabs displayed across my browser's top-line, though in my case too many to make reading what they're about easy work. But it's an interest concept, to survey trends about where one's attention is going. Makes one yearn for simpler times when tea leaves were something that enter our consciousness. Regarding browser tabs, I observed during a webinar something that I thought was pretty cool which I installed, Colorful tabs for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/colorfultabs/
(has anyone else noticed what a memory hog Firefox is, these days...I know it has something to do with add ons, so caveat emptor with using colorful tabs).

I hope I circle back and read more of your entries. Maybe an update about whether your son went through hazing, yikes! are you sure you want to recommend that?? and whether you start to find Pinterest more valuable...it seems to be a girl thing.

all my best, and keep writing & sharing,


I think you have raised a good point here about big training organisations. Are they to go the same route as the encylopedias have.

No one goes to the library to find information in their reference library anymore. It is all there at the touch of your fingertips on the computer.

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