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July 22, 2012


This is what FASCISM looks like.False rhetoric to ilntisl the foundation of a government take over of the private sector.And people have always asked, How could the educated and fairly bright nation of Germans in 1930 have fallen for such socialist garbage to destroy their once proud nation at the hands of an obvious fascist dictator, with delusions of grandeaur?I think we are experiencing that answer. The only difference is we have a number of delusionist's at the helm, Pelosi is just one of many in the Democrat party willing to sacrifice America to their idealism and goal of servitude to the state, since they so aptly broke the bank.This is a Socialist Party take over and forced mandate to the state. The very state that wrote the laws that formed the instability in financial institutions that were burdened with social mandates forcing financial risk upon even the most frugal institutions. Th every state that lied to protect Fannie Mae, the very state that repealed the Glass/Steagal act giving banks more power and allowing more risk. The very state that pays an organization, acorn to harass lending institutes to risk capital on bad risk homes and people.This very state, that has allowed the printing of money to reduce the value of every American to protect its mistake, is now promising to gradually destroy capitalism with a generous but slow upheaval of private enterprise that they claim will do no harm???Like everything else they have done, we can trust them in only one way; that they will destroy America to protect themselves and their privileged existence over us.

probably the most easiest is from alerbt king. since he's known for using the alerbt king box . it's shape from one of the pentatonic scale patterns. it's not that hard he mostly plays around 2-3 notes for his soloing. not that tough, check out tutorials on youtube. but be warned alerbt king uses a lot of bends. definitely B.B King and Freddie King as well but alerbt king is probably the easiest from what i know.

I agree with you so much Mark. I, too, have been pointing people to the consumer models of learning and content creation for many years, and still things don't seem to be changing in the industry.

I think a lot comes down to measurement. Until we can demonstrate better learning analytics (that measure changes in behaviour) rather than the current input measurements, then things won't change.

That's why I think the changes are possibly going to come from the Operational side of the business, who aren't fussed about learning per se, but they do want to know that their systems and processes are working most effectively.

The other barrier is intellectual property protectionism. For some reason, everyone seems to think that knowledge is a valuable property. Of course, in today's world, the value in a company isn't in the knowledge itself, but in what you do with it - how you treat your customers, how current you remain with customer needs etc.

Once we get that idea into people's heads, then many of the barriers to a much more open approach to learning will be possible.

At least, that's my current thinking.... ;-)


The writing is certainly on the walls. I'm trying to figure out how to spread the word that there is an ice berg ahead. But I often feel like the warnings fall on deaf ears. Remember when you and I met for the first time...2005 maybe? On that phone call you and I were having the same conversation. Are you as tired as I am?

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