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December 02, 2012



+2 Reply brother. Glad to keep the Game of Conversation going :-)


I haven't commented on a blog post in a long time. But you got me going. Before I decided on which of the many angles to address that article, I did a quick google search on Jonathan Jones and...SURPRISE!...He's an art critic. Wow! Didn't see that coming .

First, off he defines himself as a journalist. That's problem one. And second, an art critic. Well, if that doesn't just scream close-minded, elitist, douchecanoe. Most good art critics leave the definition of art alone...it's like trying to define the word music. So, he gets a -1 and does not level up with his blog post.

Art is about a shared experience between the creator and the one experiencing what they've created. It has nothing to do with the medium by which that experience is delivered. It's like the old saying, if a tree falls in the forrest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound. And so, if someone creates "art", and nobody is there to experience it, is it truly art?

If, as a "journalist", you insist on "critiquing" a particular medium you best be smart enough to fully educate yourself on it. Mr. Jones obviously knows nothing about game design, and he took no time to even investigate it. This is a critical mistake in the game of journalism. And therefore, -1 to Mr. Jones in his attempt at playing the game of journalism.

Mark, you are right in that he has a right to his opinions. But I also appreciate you expressing your thoughts (+1) as you take your turn in the game of conversation.

By even trying to define what can and cannot be art, Mr. Jones loses all credibility as a self proclaimed "art critic" and "journalist"... and therefore loses the game of Art Critic. He should try inserting another quarter and playing again. Or maybe try his hand at a different game.

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