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June 19, 2006


Paul Batten, To let you know? I believe your site will be gone in a year are so. I had the pleasure of speaking to your partner Greg. He is very unperfessional and speaks like he untrained and not able to run a company. To BOOT your users after someone spends days adding media to your site. And to boot them. Because of another user had a personality conflict, and to rate them badly for asking them how they liked there game and to please rate them for future swaps with other users. I PREDICT A SITE FAILURE. If you are tring to run a Business you have to seperate yourself from your friends, and your users. There will always be difference, but you hope perfessional people trying to make a company grow will see outside the box. And FYI I will be bloging your site every chance I get.

Swaptree is opening to the public on July 4th. In preparation for the launch, we are tryng to get some knowledgable people in before then to get as much feedback as we can.

We would be really excited if you wanted to join our beta and let us know what you think. For an invitation, just e-mail betainvite@swaptree.com.

Hope to hear from you,
Paul Batten

Swaptree, Inc.
5 Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 624-3804 ext. 201
f (617) 624-3808

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