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August 10, 2007


I've been tinkering with Many Eyes over the last couple of weeks as a way of exploring potential visual navigation tools/interfaces for Open University courses and qualifications, and OpenLearn OERs/course units:

http://ouseful.info and search for "many eyes"

The other visualisation tool to watch out for is gapminder - help files suggest that the ability to animate your own data set visualisations is in the pipeline


Beth - glad we linked up been following your stuff for a while...good luck in Cambodia!

Jing really rocks.

I don't know how I haven't managed to discover your blog before - we are interested in so many of the same topics.

There are many more web-based mind mapping sites, but I won't repeat them here, because you mention Harold Jarche's post where I listed them all in a comment.

But for Cathy Moore, I'd like to mention wikimindmap.org which can make mind maps from WikiMedia articles. Not sure if that will fit her needs, but it sounds close.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software

It would be great if there were a tool out there that combined a wiki with a mindmap. For example, you could put your info about technologies, conferences, etc. in a structured wiki (one that supports parent and child topics), then have a mind map serve as the navigation. Unfortunately, I don't know of any wiki that automatically generates a visual nav. I'm happy with TWiki but would have to build the mind map manually.


Thanks...this looks like a neat site...there is another one that I am blanking on right now that works like this, i.e. upload a data set and pick your visualization.

One thing that I am looking for is something like mindmap that I could use to plot different technologies, conferences, etc that I am tracking and then allow people to view that over the web...

Thanks for the great list of visualization tools. Here's another good one: the Many Eyes site.


You can enter your data to create interactive visualizations that others can comment on. For an example, check out "Survival on the Titanic."

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