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January 11, 2008



Bully for the Guild I say! Bully! I think too it is particularly far-sighted of the Guild to do this when so many 'think tanks' and/or consultant shops are still stuck in the "Here, read this paragraph long abstract of this 13 page report and then pay me $1500 to get the rest" mode of operation. This is just oragnizational laziness...man, I wouldn't pay $1500 to talk to the president much less read a single report. Anybody seen Google lately?

You and the Guild are dead-on. There is tremendous value in the research you do and the reports you produce but you'll reap that monetray reward as more people read the reports and decide to join the Guild.



<<"If you write an article and only the people who review it for publication read it, does it make any difference?"

This is *precisely* why we changed the availability of Guild 360 Research Reports so that any paid member -- or any free associate that completes the related survey -- can download the printed report for free. We want these reports to make a difference.

You mentioned Katie Salen in your post. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the 2008 edition of the Guild's 360 Report on Immersive Learning Simulations / Serious Games. What she and her colleagues are doing with the "Games School", a NYC public school targeting grades 6 - 12 and slated to open in 2009, is very impressive.

Steve Wexler
Director of Research
The eLearning Guild

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