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March 25, 2008



Working in the 'learning/training' industry - I've always tried to argue for an expansion of the vectors that we consider when we look at "learning"...I think we may need you talking at a couple of conferences to get the discussion going!


Hi Mark,
I'm glad you found my post thought-provoking, and I can certainly say the same to you. The Ledoux quote on the structure of memory from your March 20 post is fascinating. (Is it from The Edge or his book?)

My interest in neuroscience has focused primarily on the impact of experiential learning activities and other types of new behaviors, and I haven't thought much about the "cosmetic neurology" practices that Lara Crigger discusses at The Escapist and that you reference above.

I share Crigger's concerns about safety, fairness, coercion and other ethical issues--the same issues that have followed in the wake of anabolic steroids as they've filtered down from pro athletes to high school students.

Thanks for further expanding my horizons.

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