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July 17, 2008


Research has shown that Al Queda is actively using Web 2.0 technology. So if Web 2.0 can be considered a weapons system, and the "enemy" is using it, why wouldn't the Air Force also use it? Fight them on their own battlefield!

Saying the USAF shouldn't get involved in Web 2.0 strategy now because it's risky would be like Billy Mitchell in the early 1940s saying that the allies shouldn't develop a medium bomber for nightime bombing raids over Germany because it's "too risky".

"...Estberg said. 'If one American has lost his or her life because of this stuff, there is no honor in that,' he said. 'This is sheer stupidity.'"

My thought: Estberg has a good point about our enemies data mining blogs, but here's a similar idea to his: if one American dies because the enemy locates his unit through radio transmissions, there's no honor in that. Do we not use radios?

Every technology brings about risks and rewards; the answer isn't hiding our heads in the sand and ignoring the new technologies. We have to figure out how to maximize the rewards and mitigate the risks of each new technology. The converse to his point is also true: if a single American loses his/her life because we DON'T start using the best available tools to share information, there is no honor in that - it is sheer stupidity.

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