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July 21, 2008



Great post in response to Tony's Big Question. Count me among the mutts. PhD in Political Science here. I have always argued that graduate students in most disciplines amass the requisite skills to make excellent trainers and elearning professionals. From critical thinking to design to problem solving to an inclination to explore new technologies. I think Tony is right that we people from a lot of different backgrounds to attack this problem.

It certainly seems that this diversity brings a great deal of creativity to the discussion and a willingness to consider that which is not orthodoxy within the discipline.

What say the formally trained ISD folks...do you have to be a pure breed to compete for Best of Show?


See...we need some English majors! We are in violent agreement that learning professionals should be leading the charge - I was just trying, however clumsily, to make the point that I think that given the current curriculum for preparing credentialed learning professionals, it is a bit unfair expectation. I think people like you and me and everyone else who works in this industry without formal education say in ISD, prove the point that the idea of what constitutes appropriate and relevant training for learning professionals must be expanded because certainly the expectations are.

You made my afternoon Mark! And, no, I don't have an academic background in "pedagogy? ISD? Learning theory? Neuroscience?" - and the funny thing is that they let me be a professor for 11 years without any of it (strange that you need at least a little training to teach K-12, but not to be a professor).

One of the hard challenges here (especially around work literacy) is that I think it requires people from a wide variety of disciplines to attack it ... including anthropologists.

Not sure I quite get how this relates to the big question. Given the fact that our field is so diverse - doesn't that make us good candidates to lead the charge?

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