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March 22, 2013


You got me thinking... See http://learningjournal.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/starting-from-scratch/

The movers lost the wooden knobs to my TV armoir and I want to replace them with
the exact same ones if possible. I asked this question before and got some answers about calling the manufacturer or looking at knobs on line.
..but I have tried these already. I don't have the model number and Ashley furniture can't order parts without it.
The model number is not anywhere on the furniture either.

I looked online for matching knobs, but can't find the exact ones I am looking for. I live in Long Beach, CA and am wondering if anyone knows of any businesses that custom match furniture parts. Thank you!. The movers said they would reimburse me for replacing them...so I am not too concerned about the cost..

Rich....so do I ;-)

Mark Britz....good to hear you're fighting that fight...good luck and let me know if you need help.

I know a great application platform to do this with....

Right on Mark. Your post really connects with me because I joined a company just as you described in the opening paragraph, and yes I am fighting off the calls for LMS, courses and such (it's hard work!) as people are locked in these belief systems. For me, my role is to pave the cow path so to speak. How are people learning and doing now and can I help reduce the friction in anyway? Additionally, can I help spread their best practices and principles throughout the org? Can I model easy tools for user-generated content? Still much to do but its a better use of the org's money and time in my opinion than forcing a system built on technology upon a system built on people.

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